Bobbie Bayley
The Grand Section
Girt by Sea, Girth by Desert
In 2017 Bobbie Bayley (Byera Hadley Recipient) and Owen Kelly rode bicycles, 7650 kms across the “The Grand Section” of Australia. They stayed for one week in 19 towns, talked to locals, documented the architecture and held a public ‘exhibition’ of their work. This was a study of Australia as a precedent for architecture. Stemming from the question “How do we design for a country if we don't understand it?” In 2018 an exhibition of this work toured nationally to broad audiences. This fragment is from stop #18. 9 months in we realised that healthy landscapes influence healthy buildings, and the cultural and social patterns which are also a part of that place. A fundamental realisation that we must, first, look at the ground we live on as the place to start from.