Matthew Chan
Emerging Architects Program with the London Architectural Foundation
Masters of Architecture - Berlage Institute, the Netherlands
Faced with criticism of architecture’s ideological delusions of omnipotence, we have turned this into a self-fulfilling prophecy and abdicated our prerogative to an imagination that is within our gift. Elia Zenghelis A tale of 3 cities - a wild green heart; a gleaming metropolis; a pristine historical centre; combined as a united metropolitan stronghold, to resist the generic forces eroding the city. This radical antidote to the burgeoning sprawl consuming the city, is best explained by Andrea Branzi, when he exclaimed to a shocked audience of scholars that were bemoaning the demise brought about by the urban sprawl, "the city is like a toilet: you can build a bathroom as big as you want, but there is only one hot-spot".