Michael Rayner
Urban Waterfront Renewal
My fragment is a piece of a structural model of one of the exhibition halls that Jayson Blight and I, with our former practice Cox Rayner Architects, created for the National Maritime Museum of China 2012-2019 on Tianjin Bay. My career in urban waterfront renewal was instigated by the Byera Hadley scholarship, and this project has been the highlight of my subsequent working life in the field over some 33 ensuing years. My scholarship occurred before many cities began thinking about retrieving industrial waterfronts as habitable territories and about connecting cities to their waterfronts. The model illustrates how the structure of the halls is configured to cantilever extensively out over the water rather than reclaim land from it. Structural model of part of the National Maritime Museum of China, Tianjin, China Project designed while at Cox Architecture t/a Cox Rayner Architects