Michael Zanardo
Affordable Housing
Sydney underwent a serious housing boom in the late nineties and early noughties as I was finishing my architecture degree. The crisis of housing affordability in Sydney felt as pressing then as it does today. In the context of the slow decline of social housing in New South Wales, I was interested in the difference that the emerging not-for-profit housing sector could make. The Netherlands offered a long and rich architectural history of workers’ housing to study. I travelled to Amsterdam and stayed there for a month visiting and researching housing associations and built projects. In hindsight, the Byera Hadley Traveling Scholarship has been very influential in inspiring me to undertake further study and in shaping my career. This torn and scuffed architectural map became an indispensable companion. A system of notations was used to identify buildings to see and guide my daily tours by bicycle and foot. It represents the most accurate record of my travels and is a fond memento of this formative experience.